Vision Client Install - ubuntu 20.04 LTS (headless server) Issue

Hello all,

I by no means proclaim to be an expert at Linux but know enough to have gotten this fare. I’m experimenting with getting a vision client launching on a miniature industrial PC that will display a client. Im using Ignition 8.1. Its a headless server, all commands no GUI.

I have installed an ignition gateway on the machine and that went well, its configured an working but when i try to run nothing happens.

On my linux machine I created a folder called called ignition. home/user/ignition. I went onto my windows machine and downloaded the tar.gz for Linux vision client. Copied from USB and placed in the ignition folder.

On the linux machine i extracted the tar and was left with the folder “visionclientlauncher”.

I looked at this Deploying Vision Client Launchers - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation

Not 100% sure on deploying a remote linux client but i just followed the windows instruction but swapped the .exe for a .sn file. I created a client in windows that works and connects to my SCADA network and called it “Menz”

inside the linux folder /visionclientlauncher/app i pasted the jre folder and menz.json. I did the chmod command to make it an executable but when i give either command

./ application=Menz window.mode = fullscreen screen = 0
./ application=Menz

It just does nothing. Just moves to the next command line, no errors When i use the command ls i do see the file in the directory.

What am i doing wrong?


You need a GUI to run a client.

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