Vision Client launch Certificate error


How can I get rid of this?

Click “Continue”.

Upgrade Java.

Upgrade Ignition to 7.9.20.

What 7.9 version are you using?


Ignition Platform is at 7.9.20
Java Version 1.8.0_301

Are you using SSL on 8043?

Can’t tell without more info, but it maybe that host is using a self-signed certificate instead of a public CA-issued certificate. It also looks like you may be launching from the JNLP file instead of the client launcher, is that right?

Yes SSL is “true”. So basically what I am trying to do is - We have couple of screens in shipping area which is used as ignition client. But if power flickers and NUC restarts then I have to personally go or remote in every NUC and open clients on the screens. So I added my client JNLP file in shell:startup folder in every NUC to open on windows startup. But then this certificate dialog box comes up and requires human intervention.

I don’t think JNLP is recommended on that Ignition Version and that Java Version.

Use the native client launcher, and have your shell startup fire the shortcut that is created by the NCL.

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