Vision Client Launcher Application Shortcuts Becoming Invalid

Has anyone else run into an issue with creating an application shortcut using the Vision Client Launcher, and the shortcut becoming invalid after a day or two? If so how do you correct this?

I have had multiple users create shortcuts of Ignition projects onto their personal desktops, but then after a day or two the shortcut throws a launch error that reads,“Specified Vision Application no longer exists.” In order to use the application again, they need to re-add the project in the Vision Client Launcher, and re-create the shortcut correspondingly. However the problem occurs again a day or two later.

Any information helps, thank you!

I am on Ignition 8.0.2.

I haven’t experienced this (now on 8.0.15, can’t remember if we ever used 8.0.2). Various issues have been fixed in Ignition 8.0.x client launchers. It may be worth an upgrade.

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After a lot of troubleshooting I have solved this issue. Our IT department had set up a public folder that housed all of the Vision Client files and that included a default .json files with a pre-loaded set of projects, all of them were older and outdated. I replaced this .json file with an updated version including all of the relevant projects that I wanted to be easily accessible.

I was unaware of this folder and thus every time someone restarted their computer, the Vision Client Launcher pulled that .json file from the shared folder wiping any manually loaded projects.

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