Vision client launcher -- command line argument for gateway

When launching a project from the command line in Ignition 7.9 I know there was an argument for gateway available. Looking through the documentation, I don’t see such an argument in Ignition 8.

Other than giving the applications different names in the Client Launcher, is there a way to specify gateway? When an application is called from the command line, what happens if more than one application (across multiple gateways) match the passed argument?

I’m using ignition 8.0.10

Application data is stored in:

{user folder}/.ignition/clientlauncher-data/vision-client-launcher.json


Thanks @JordanCClark. After looking through that and thinking about it a little more I think I’ve come up with a better question:

Is there a way to launch clients from the command line without going through the Client Launcher? I know web start doesn’t work, but maybe there’s a way to go against the gateway directly?

I don’t believe so, outside of the 32-bit workarounds.

Feel free to add it to

Thanks again for the quick help Jordan. As you suggested, I posted an idea.

Link for anyone who is also interested.

If you use the client launcher with its logger set to DEBUG the launch command will be spit out in the launcher log file. You could use this directly, but it does some work beforehand (downloading the launchclient.jar from the target gateway for example)
You could do something with that, but you could also use the 32-bit scripts which do the same thing, just set your java path to one that works on your system.