Vision Client Launcher Install, Ignition 8.1.10


Recently, I tried to setup Vision Client Launcher on a windows 10 PC. I have installed Vision Client Lauchner on numerous computers without trouble. Unfortunately, I have hit my first problem which I will try to describe below.

I navigated to the gateway and downloaded the Vision Client exe. The install seemed to go well until I tried to launch a project I get an error message “(see path below) jvm.cfg” is missing. I tried to remove and reinstall vision, but there must be some data still on the PC. When I uninstall and reinstall, the projects are still there.


Seems this is the folder which is missing the files. Does anyone know how I can 100% remove everything ignition vision client launcher install has placed so I can try again? Or is there another solution like copying the folder from a working machine to the not working one? I would love to understand where I went wrong.

Usually, deleting the C:\Users\YOURUSER\.ignition\cache\ folder should do it. Deleting the .ignition folder is a bit more of a nuclear option.

The project info is stored in a json file, But I don’t quite remember where since I’m not in front of a Windows machine :wink: . I kinda doubt that that is where your issue is.

Thank you, I will give your suggestion a try. I’m not afraid of going nuclear if deleting the cache folder does not work.

You can start with more surgical. If the error is saying something about a jvm config file and highlighting a particular runtime directory, you can just delete that one runtime. The next client or designer you launch that requires that version will automatically download it from the gateway.

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Deleting the folder fixed this issue for me. Thanks Paul!

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