Vision Client Launcher isn't showing all the projects

In the Vision Client Launcher, I’m not being shown all the projects on the gateway. In this instance, the “DashboardTemplating” project isn’t being shown. As a note, the “DashboardingTemplating” project was originally copied from the “DashboardDemo” project so they both had the “Dashboard Demo” title.

Do you have the ‘hide from launchers and native apps’ setting checked in that project? Check Project Properties in the designer.

Nope. But I turned it ON (checked). Saved the Project. Exited. Restarted the Designer. Turned it OFF (unchecked). Saved the project again… And Voila! It appeared… Thanks PGriffith for pointing me to that!!

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FURTHERMORE… I noticed that the project was actually there… The title just didn’t line up with the title I expected. To explain further… In the original post, the Vision Client Launcher showed a project titled “Styling”. However, there wasn’t a project titled “Styling”, but there was a project titled “Dashboard Templates & Styling”.
So… I’m figuring the script to grab the project title is having issues with the & symbol, not the software having an issue finding the projects… In addition, in trying to figure out the solution, I changed the title to “Dashboard Templates”, which did not get updated in the Vision Client Launcher until I did the above procedure (i.e. enabling, saving, disable, saving…)

Hope that helps someone…

I have the exact same issue as this using ignition 8.0.12. Your solutions does not solve the issue for me tho. In my project title i used “_” symbol. I tried changing it to not have any symbols but it still doesnt work. Maybe this is a possible bug?

Yes, since this was posted another user noticed an issue with certain characters; what you’re encountering is likely the same issue reported here: [bug-16643]"&" Sign screws up project title in vision launcher

We are on V8.1.0 and are experiencing the same thing. Project title does not have any special characters (though parent project does). Nothing described here has worked. Work around is to add any other application then change its configuration properties to match the project that you are unable to add via the usual method.

This seems obvious, but just in case: Make sure the project isn’t inheritable. I created a project and then spent half an hour looking for it, but I had cloned it from an inheritable project, so it too was inheritable.

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Yep I figured this out a while back but forgot to update my post

Just an addition incase the previous solutions did not help, I faced the problem of not seeing the project on the client launcher and later figured out its because I had a blank project with no windows in it. Just adding even a test window will make the project appear on the client launcher. Hope that helps!