VISION Client Launcher Project Update Dosen't Work

After saving in Designer, it is not reflected in Launcher.
Both Notify and Push do not work in Update Mode.
What should I do?
The launcher needs to be restarted, but the changes made in the designer take effect

It sounds like your designer is pointed at a different gateway than the launcher you are using.

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Thanks for your answer.
The current launcher and gateway are the same.
This is because when you save from the designer, an update push comes out from the launcher.
Even if you press Update Push to update, the picture saved in the designer is not immediately visible, and it is applied only after restarting after exiting.
What to do in this case?

This has not been my experience, so perhaps a little more context is needed. Are you saying that you get the update bar, but clicking on it does not update any aspect of the gui, or are you saying that some specific gui component(s) fail to update?

If it's the latter scenario, what component(s) specifically?

Or, are you saying that you never get the update bar?

I figured out the cause.
The designer was forcibly terminated due to a computer error while using the designer, but the user continues to be connected.
Overlapping continues to occur and the screen cannot be updated.
The user is only me, and the overlapping account is also my account.
Do you know any workaround for this phenomenon?

I've never encountered a problem like this other than when collaborating on a project somebody will occasionally forget to import from the gateway prior to saving which overwrites any work that had been saved in the interim.

I imagine that if I encountered this scenario, I would be inclined to run the gwcmd -r statement from the gateway to restart it. Of course, It's a judgement call; I have no way of knowing how a restart would impact your particular production environment. During a restart, the gateway is usually only down for a few minutes, and the disruption is even less noticeable if redundancy is in place.