Vision Client Launcher Remove Projects and Gateways

In Ignition 8, we are now required to use the vision client launcher. In our use case in 7.9, we would just send the the download link to the HMI. The users never went to the gateway to download a project.

We have 3 Ignition gateways that will come up when you browse from the client launcher. How can this be removed? We can’t have just random users accessing other gateway he doesn’t belong to.

Also, even if we load in our configuration, then can easily add different projects from the gateway they are suppose to be on. How can we remove this access?

You can still create a desktop shortcut. Then hide the shortcut for the client launcher.

Thanks for your response.

To be more clear here, i will not be the one installing this on our operators laptops. We don’t want them to ever be able to run the launcher and see our other projects or other gateways.
Even if we get someone else to install it for us, we don’t want them to see our other projects. That is why we don’t want to even show up.

Any ideas?

This is called security by obscurity. Not a good approach, even if you can get the client launcher to work the way you want. Each project in every gateway must have its own security or you aren’t secure.

It does have security. If they don’t have valid credentials they couldn’t get in. And they couldn’t get into our other projects because they have different user sources.

There has to be a way to do this, i don’t get why you can’t just run the HMI from a link or something. There’s not a need for the user to see our other projects, because if there is a chance of them “accidentally” running the wrong project and some how logged into another HMI they don’t need access too would be a big security issue just because we gave them access to run any project they wanted.

Other than desktop shortcuts the only alternative I can think of is deploying (via some kind of IT automation) the legacy launcher scripts:

The days of just emailing someone a web link to the Vision project are over. They died along with Java WebStart technology. It lives again with Perspective, naturally, since it’s web-based to begin with.

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