Vision Client Launcher same application name different Gateways not allowed

Ignition Vision Client Launcher versions: 1.0.0 - 1.0.16

I have added multiple Gateways, and in some Gateways, I have used the same Application name, but form some reason Ignition Vision Client Launcher does not allow the same name so it automatically appends a (1).

Sure, it makes sense on a single Gateway, where the Project Name must be unique, but it does not make sense on different Gateways.

A minor annoyance, but I was wondering if this is something that someone else has brought up in the past and if there is a possible solution for this in upcoming releases.


Hi @thecesrom,
The reason for this is that application names must be unique to allow launching from shortcuts that are created. Some systems in the past had issues with shortcuts which had commands that were too long on certain operating systems which prevented launching or resulted in the command being truncated and some of the args would drop off.

Hope that helps!
Jonathan C

This is a terrible excuse, as a solution combing gateway address and project name in a shortcut would certainly satisfy the length issue.

Not allowing same names on different gateways is going to cause problems with dev/staging/production setups.