Vision Client Launcher: Update Dialog - Disable

Is there a way to disable the “You should update your client launcher Version” dialog that pops up when I launch my project?

Currently we build a custom installer that allows us to drop a shortcut on the desktop and the start menu to launch the appropriate project for our users.
We have really found this method to be the most effective for distributing the vision software; however, recently all of our users have started getting the “upgrade now” dialog, which is really annoying.
This seems unnecessary, and to get it to go away, we have to build a new installer for every new version of Ignition which we upgrade to.
Alternatively, we could just not upgrade our system very often. (Sad idea…)

Thanks for your help,

Upgrade the installers early. They are intended to be backward compatible with gateways (at least in the same major series) and sometimes are needed by newer gateways. Your users won’t get an annoying “downgrade” dialog… (:

There is a version.updates.prompt in the JSON config file in the ~/.ignition/clientlauncher-data directory you can set to false, assuming you have control over this file on your users’ systems.

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Thank you both! I will update this on all of my future installers since it drops a new JSON config file when it installs.

*Kevin gets the W since he was first. Sorry Paul!