Vision Client Launcher Wi-Fi slow down Is it a Broadcast vs Unicast issue?

I am chasing down a Vision Client issue. We run a Tablet that is intended to run on W-Fi. We also have a wired terminal that runs the same Vison Client connections.
What we experience is a massive slow down on WiFi compared to wired, sometimes to the point of several second delays on reacting to clicks.
I have read about Broadcast and Multicast network modes using the lowest possible rate on Wi-Fi APs. This seems to be what is happening and we are saturating the APs when the Vision Client window is updating.
I have not setup the system.
My questions are:
How does Vision Client form a network connection?
Does the Vison Client use UDP Broadcast or Multicast to do updates?
Is this default?
Can it be changed or configured differently to use uncast to get better though put?

Vision clients make a TCP connection to the gateway, and poll via that connection at the pace for tag updates in the project properties. (Messages hitch a ride on those poll responses.) There’s no broadcast or multicast traffic at all.

Thank You Phil,
That helps a lot.
I am unable t explain or find a reason for the issue which is - extreme slow down on a wireless connection.
Back to square one.
An overview of what we are tyring to do.
The Ignition project produces an HMI that is is connected to several PLCs. The Vison Client is used to view these pages.
One HMI/PLC page in particular bogs down when opened on a wireless connection but seems normal on a wired connection.
I am struggling to understand why.
Any help pointing me in the right direction would be very much appreciated

Do you have bindings making alarm status queries or executing runScript expressions that communicate with the gateway? Generally these problems get more exaggerated over a VPN connection but maybe your WiFi is spotty enough to make it stand out.

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