Vision client launcher won't start

I have a problem with starting my Vision client launcher. I have the most recent version installed and for some reason after it has been installed in won't open the program. Also, on my other laptop I have the same version of the vision client launcher installed but without any problems. Are you guys familiar with this problem?

There are so many possibilities. Please report any error details, including any that show up in the launcher log file.

There is nothing thats shows up. By clicking the short cut on my desktop it is not starting. Not even when I run it as admin and there is no error poping up or something.

Please go look in your launcher's data folder. (~/.ignition/clienlauncher-data/ on my machine.)

is this something you can work with?

Huh. Are you using the built-in JRE? Do you have IT policies that prevent the use of JavaFX? Is the launcher at least as new as the target gateway?

(IA support might have more experience with this one--I haven't see this specific error before.)

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