Vision Client MSI installation

Is there a way to access a Vision Client Installer as an MSI? We want to upgrade our servers to 8.1.7 this weekend but will then need to upgrade 50 clients immediately to avoid that nuisance message for our dashboards. An MSI would allow us to put the installation in our Domain GPOs which would be very powerful.

Conversely, is there a way to suppress that version difference message? These are dashboard clients without a mouse and keyboard. They need to start automatically without input.

Thank you

Not yet, but it’s on our wish list.

Which is? The MSI installer or the suppression of the message or both?

Doh, need more caffeine. :coffee:

The MSI installer.


Is it possible to create an MSI from the exe ourselves? I see there are EXE to MSI converters, but I have absolutely 0 experience (I don’t actually know the difference either between an exe and an msi…)

Might be? I’ve never done it outside of Visual Studio (where I had source code) and that was over 10 years ago at a different job, but IIRC the MSI is a wrapper around the exe that has more stuff (which is why exe to msi converters can exist). You’d be on your own there.

I don’t use an MSI but build custom installers via Inno Script and our IT deploys via SCCM enterprise wide. Makes deployments and client installs a breeze and the server connections are preconfigured for the clients.

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First party MSI installers for the Designer Launcher, Vision Client Launcher, and Perspective Workstation are now available as of Ignition 8.1.21 on our downloads page Current Ignition Release | Inductive Automation