Vision client ne opened on a tablet?

Hi all

I have a project made for vision client. Customers want to be able to open it on a tablet. I know that if this was created on perspective that this would be no problem but Vision provided more functionality for me.
Also i I created the project on an older version of ignition then vision could be converted to a mobile version, but this is not the case.

Just wondering if there is a way to open the vision client on a tablet? There is no official app on the app store, but can this be possible with a normal installation through the web browser?
or could this only work on tablet-laptop’s like the windows surface pro

Thank you!

Tablet-laptops are your answer. Or Perspective.

Vision requires a rather complete foundation for Java that mobile OS’s don’t provide. There have been experiments along those lines, quite some time ago, but nothing production grade came of it.

Thank you for the confirmation!