Vision Client Request/sec

Good morning everyone,
I have a question about the page Status -->Vision Clients --> Request/sec value. What requests are counted in this value? Is there a way to see how many requests are done by a single client instance?
My problem is I have 2 distinct gataways with similar projects (not the same, but with similar logic and scope) on them , but one has about 100 requests/sec, the other one 3000 request/sec.

Thank you in advance,

The base client operation will produce requests based on the poll rate--4, 5, perhaps 10 per second. That covers your tag bindings and gateway=>client push messaging. Pretty much everything else will be query bindings and scripting calls that need to request data from the gateway. I would consider even 100/second to be pathological.

Audit all of your bindings to find and eliminate unnecessary polling. Where many scripts are requesting things like alarm status, consolidate to a gateway script that populates a gateway memory tag, and bind that tag in the client where needed. Find and eliminate scripted*() calls that can be replaced with tag bindings or indirect tag bindings.

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