Vision Client slowdown


I have a problem.
After a little time (1h), the vision client slows down. After 2h, the are very slow. The bug grows with time. If you restart the vision client, the vision client work correctly for one moment.
I am in vs 7.7.8. I am try vs 7.9.2 and it’s the same.

I am try to find the problem. I see client diagnostics and the memory rises and falls.

I am use ignition vs7.9 new functionality for try to find my problem.
In web server, status, Vision Clients, Client Details, in the Log Activity i am set “min level” to “trace” and i see lot of “ClientSubscriptionProxy.poll() start” and “ClientSubscriptionProxy.poll() - end (0ms”

I am test to rebuild the gateway from an empty project. After re-import the project and publish it, i have the same problem.

I certainly did a bullshit but that !!
Some one have an idea ? Do you have some tracks ?


I’m find the problem :
I flash the “unselected foreground color” on a tab strip. It’s the problem.
I do it for button alarm, When there is an unacknowledged alarm.
For my application, I deactivated the blinking and it’s good !!

Here’s how I did, If someone wants to reproduce the bug and fix it…

On tab strip, i add 2 custom property:

  • Alarm : boolean
  • textColor : color

I linked “Alarm” with an expression :

{[System]Gateway/Alarming/Active and Unacked} || {[System]Gateway/Alarming/Clear and Unacked}

Setting of “style customiser” :

(I use 400/400 to cause the bug faster for my tests)

Setting of “Tab Data” :

Now you have the text of your button flashing on new alarm but after a few minutes of blinking the CPU time goes up dangerously !!