Vision client stuck Initializing on Project Update

Upgraded to 8.0.10, now when I push a project update, the client gets the orange bar, and you approve the update - but it hangs on the “Initializing…” box. The only way to terminate is through task manager killing Zulu Platform.
Tried gateway restart, but didn’t help.

I appreciate any insight.

Do you happen to have a Java Development Kit (JDK) installed locally? The way to diagnose what’s going on would be a thread dump, which requires the jstack executable that’s only bundled with JDKs (not the Java Runtime Environment, JRE, that we bundle with Ignition 8).

If you do happen to have a JDK, you need to find the process ID of the Java executable (in Windows’ Task Manager, you probably need to enable the column to show it) then run jstack and dump the results to a file; in a command prompt/powershell/etc window, it would look something like:
C:\Program Files\OpenJDK\jdk_11.0.6\bin\jstack.exe ${processID} > threadDump.txt

If you’re not comfortable with any part of that, please contact support. If there’s a bug here, the only way to diagnose is with more information, and we haven’t reproduced anything like this in-house.

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I was suspicious that this relates to the MES Instrument Interface module not liking 8.0.10, so I rolled back to a fully supported 8.0.9 and did the following.

I wrangled JDK onto my system and captured a jstack while it was hung up on the “Initializing” after a project update (attached - threadDumpRefresh.txt).
There is also an error on attempting a File->Exit. I launch the project, and then just try a exit via the menu. It gives the following error:


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<event:menu:Exit>", line 1, in <module>
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Serialio/SerInputStream

	caused by NoClassDefFoundError: Serialio/SerInputStream
	caused by ClassNotFoundException: Serialio.SerInputStream

Snagged a stack trace of that as well (threadDumpExit.txt).

I appreciate any insight as always.

threadDumpExit.txt (54.5 KB)
threadDumpRefresh.txt (74.2 KB)

Updates: I rolled back the Gateway to 8.0.5 and recovered to a Gateway backup taken right before the upgrade. It is still displaying the same behavior.
Also: When the client is hung on “Initializing…” after a project update, the Client Session Log repeatedly says the Gateway is “Writing push notifications”.
When I attempt to terminate the client it says “Terminate command sent”, but it remains open.
For bonus points, I rebooted the entire server. So I have officially turned it off and back on.

If your problem is related to the MES Instrument Interface module and the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Serialio/SerInputStream error then you’d have to roll back to 8.0.4 or earlier.

If you uninstall that module does it still hang?

When I uninstall the module, the client can’t load any page with a serial controller component because:

SerializationException: Unexpected parsing error during binary deserialization.
	caused by IOExceptionWithCause: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sepasoft.parse.components.PMISerialController
	caused by ClassNotFoundException: com.sepasoft.parse.components.PMISerialController

Ignition v8.0.5 (b2019101516)
Java: Azul Systems, Inc. 11.0.4

I would test deleting the components in designer, but designer can’t open the windows for the same reason.

Yeah I guess that’s about what I’d expect.

Did it get you further than before though? Sounds like you couldn’t even load a client before you uninstalled it?

It was loading a client all along - but it was

  1. Hanging when you pushed a project update
  2. Erroring and hanging on File -> Exit
  3. The tab strip navigation was broken

I fiddled with things more and got back to the place I started. What I did was:

  • As mentioned, re-installed Gateway 8.0.5
  • Back-rev’ed the Serial Support Client & Gateway modules to 5.0.3 (b2019080717)
  • Still running Instrument Interface 2.80.0 (b1910222139)
  • Recovered my 8.0.10 Gateway Backup from earlier today

The client isn’t erroring out, so I believe I’m back to where I was before I upgraded the Gateway
with the project development I’ve done since then intact.

I’m going to open a ticket w/ Sepasoft about Instrument Interface 2.80.0 not working w/ stock 8.0.9. I was tempted to re-upgrade to 8.0.9 and back-rev the Serial Support to see if that works, but I’ve suffered enough for today and am just happy to be in a functional place.

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Ok. I suspect the problem is the Instrument module doesn’t work with any serial module from 8.0.5+.

Let us know what you find out.

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