Vision Client Tag not updating

Good morning, I have a problem with the updating of the Vision Client Tags.

I've created a simple quert that I execute every 1 second, but the problem is that in the Tag Browser I can't see the value refreshing when it is supposed to change.

I try to explain what I need to do; I have a data range date/time and I compare this time with the actual time with this query

SELECT CASE WHEN CONVERT(datetime, '{[.]Fine DataRange}', 120) > CONVERT(datetime, GETDATE(), 120)

Actually, in the tag browser the value is not refreshed, but if I open the tag > General in the Value label the value is shown correcly. I use the tag value to calculate performance in other expression client tag, so the results are all wrong.

I've deleted the tag and re-create and now it's working..