Vision Client tags from Gateway Event

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if it is possible for using Vision Client Tags by a Gateway script.
We are getting the session ID’s of all open Clients. Can we couple this to find a Client Tag? Or can this be done in a different way?

Thanks in advance!

No. They simply don’t exist anywhere but in the specific client.

What are you trying to do?

We had to create a locationbased login system. This means that we are selecting one role out of the configured roles for different users. This value is stored in a Vision Client Tag. Based on this value users are granted different permissions.
Now I just want to put this value in a table so people can see which user is logged in. This is done with the system.util.getSessionInfo() function. After that the getRoles for the user is used. But this means we get a full list of all roles that are used. I just want to single out this value. That’s why I wanted to use this Vision Client tag.
Guess I will need to search for a different way. I’m probably overlooking something.

I would use a Client Tag Change event to monitor that client tag. Whenever it changes (via startup events or login), use system.util.sendMessage() to report the new value, along with the client’s own ID value, to a gateway message handler. Possibly include the current user. Have that gateway message handler maintain a dataset of client ID versus latest role (and user).