Vision Client Trending - Allow operator to select tags from list

Good morning,

I’m curious if there is an easy way to have an easy chart or something similar and allow the operator to add pens that are in the historian (similar to the easy chart customizer when editing an easy chart).

Is there a way to allow that feature in the vision client instead of just the designer? I would like the operators to have the option to add/remove pens as they would like but not give them access to the designer.

There are a variety of techniques. I suggest you start with the free resources on the Ignition Exchange. Put “chart” into the search box:

Appreciate it! I was looking at the exchange and wasnt sure if something like this was already built-in and I was missing it or not - was going to implement the bettergraphs add-on if not!

Ended up using the “AdHoc Trend” from Ignition Exchange as that fit what I needed