Vision client vs perspective session in accessing csv files

Doing work for a customer where they are running a gateway using vision on a computer and then also running three vision clients from that vision gateway computer. I have a script running for each client that looks for a csv file in a D drive directory. I know this D drive has to physically be on the vision client computer, not the computer running the gateway.

They also have a gateway with perspective projects and they have broken this up in a frontend/backend configuration where the backend houses comms to plc's and the frontend uses a remote tag provider to connect to backend. I have a script running on the frontend which is looking for an E drive and this was working until recently when they changed a few things around on their network. The script can't find the E drive anymore and the physical frontend computer does not have an E drive location. The E drive is located on a server. Am I correct that because the E drive is no longer residing on the physical computer housing the frontend gateway that is why it can't find the E drive? Would an IP address have to be added to the E drive filepath in order to access the E drive folder on the server computer?

You probably need to map it as a network drive. This will be a combination IT/windows setup and Ignition setup: Mapping a Network Drive - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

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Kind of what I was thinking. So am I correct in saying that running a perspective session on a computer other than the one physically running the gateway doesn't need the E drive and the one that actually needs the E drive is the computer running the gateway?

Also if the E drive is located on a computer other than the one running the physical gateway than mapping may be necessary and I would also have to put an IP address or computer name within the filepath when searching for the csv file?

Yes, all scripting in Perspective runs in the gateway, not in the session PC, so any access to local resources or remote resources via UNC paths or mapped drives, will all be relative to the gateway the session is spawned from (eg the frontend). I always prefer UNC paths over mapped drives and suggest you try to use these instead, eg \\remoteserverhostname\sharedfolder

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