Vision - Compents show at different location on designer vs client

Pretty much the title. New to ignition. I am drawing a window and when I open it in the client components have moved relative to each other. Grouping seems to lock them together but there has got to be a better solution?

From Inductive University, here’s a video about component layout:

Component Layout

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Thank you. I promise I looked for documentation first but could not find it.


Its fine, I’m a pretty experienced user and i had the same question a few weeks ago. Ignition is a massive thing, no one can remember it all.

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Except @pturmel. He remembers all. :smiley:


Of course.

{ How much do I owe you? }


To give you more of a hint, I’m guessing that some of your components are set to relative layout while others are set to anchored. (right click on components, click layout)
Also, I’m assuming that you’re using Vision and not perspective