Vision Component's Absolute Position?

I am evaluating the effort to create an automated testing framework for our Vision applications.

The Java Robot API seems to be a good fit for simulating mouse clicks and keyboard input. However, its mouse positioning is based on absolute positioning within the screen.

For simplicity, if we wanted to simulate a click on a button on an Ignition screen (by specifying a window and object name), I assume that we would need to determine the absolute position from the relative position of the button within the window and add the relative position of the window to the screen.

  1. Are there window and object methods/functions that would simplify this calculation?

  2. Also, is there a list of available object properties/methods for screen objects? I accidentally found the object’s getX, Y, Width and Height methods, but would like to know what else is available.

Thanks in advance,

The javadoc has all the properties and methods:
The version 8 one doesn’t have the same frames as the 7 version… not sure if there’s a page that displays them in 8 like that. The v7 one is certainly easier to navigate