Vision - copy-paste templates binding issue

Ignition 8.1.31
Vision 11.1.31

I have a popup which is configured with a base tag path using a string custom property. The popup contains ~20 instances of a template which is a simple Boolean indicator. The base tag path is passed to each template using a string custom property input. The template then appends the final part of the tag path using input from another custom property.

If I copy and paste (or control-drag) a template to duplicate it on the popup, the template seems to retain the original binding, regardless of what the binding is set to (all copied instances of the template show the same state).

If I drag a "new" template out of the library, the template works as expected.

I have seen this behaviour with completely different templates. The fix is always to delete the instance with the issue and drag a fresh one out of the library.

Any suggestions?

I'm having a hard time visualizing what you are saying. Could you provide an example of the binding and how it's expected to change when you copy and paste?

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Hi and thanks for the reply.
Now solved. I'm ashamed to say that the issue was due to me editing the binding on the template in the wrong place. Instead of overtyping the tagPath in the property editor I should have clicked on the binding icon and edited there. At runtime, the binding is re-evaluated and any temporary change in designer is overwritten.