[vision] defaultColumnView event not running outside of designer

Good evening,

I’ve been trying to set each column’s visibility, width, and order in a power table based on user specifications in a vision client. The idea is for each user to customize how the power table is viewed whenever they log in. In the designer the event “defaultColumnView” is fired whenever the user changes one of these options, but when running in vision this event never does. Is there a reason for this? Why is there an attribute that can only be set in designer?

Some workarounds I’ve attempted so far:

  • binding the “Column Sizing” to a string tag and having a bidirectional binding, but the option to be bidirectional is disabled

  • dynamically setting the “Hidden” cell in “Column Attributes Data.” While it hides columns based on saved user data, it removes the option to add them back in entirely

  • update the “View Dataset” dynamically through scripting. I call “system.dataset.filterColumns” based on columns that need to be hidden, but setting the actual view dataset doesn’t appear to be sticking.

There has to be an easier way to go about doing this.