Vision: Dropdown Auto-completion/suggestion

Is it possible to have the dropdown menu auto-complete / suggest options from the dropdown menu’s dataset when a user types into it?

I don’t want the drop down menu to be freeform, but I do want to allow users to enter partial-text which will filter the dropdown menu items, instead of selecting from a potentially huge list of items.


There is a cloud template available that offers this functionality:

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This is my first post and I’m sorry for my english not perfect…
When I click on a link (cluod template) I’m redirect to a page called “Advanced Template Features” but I can’t find the Dynamic Dropdown example. Where I can find it? Thanks in advance

Cloud Templates aren’t available anymore, in favor of the Ignition Exchange. It doesn’t look like Travis has republished the template I linked originally to the Exchange yet; I’ll ask him about it.

Thanks so much! Waiting news I thank you for the availability

I have uploaded the template to the Ignition Exchange:


Can anyone please paste code here for dropdown auto complete/suggestion.
I visited above link and there is one .proj file but I am unable to upload on our server because I dont have permission to upload anything on gateway.
So I am unable to view that setting and code.
please suggest here.

I would suggest installing Ignition on your desktop or laptop to look at the resource. That way you can see how the code interacts with the components.