Vision dropdown list occasionally displaying the int instead of the string column

Ignition 8.1.9

I have a dropdown list on a template that is displayed in a template repeater. This dropdown is bound to a named query that returns two columns, and integer and a string. The Selected Value of the dropdown is bound to a custom internal property of the template that has an indirect binding to a tag whose path is the templates only parameter.

Most of the time everything works as expected:

However occasionally the dropdown displays the integer value instead of the string value of the selected item:


The named query data binding is set to not poll and not retain rows. The named query binding has a parameter value that is bound to a client tag. When this client tag changes it causes the repeater on the window to reload with which also loads the templates with new tag path parameters. The dropdown dataset naturally reloads at this time as well and this is when the behavior seems to appear often. The values in the dropdown list are the correct values, so the dataset is being loaded correctly.

I’m thinking that there is a binding order issue or something going on. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone know a work around for this?

Hi Phillip,
I am still having this issue (using version 8.1.20), did you find any work arounds for this ?

Maybe - I don't recall what I changed, but looking at the project, the only thing that I see that is different from what I listed above is that I have the Selected Value binding set to an indirect tag instead of to a property on the template.

This is the only thing that is different now: