Vision force client or component to freeze updates/repaints

Is there any way to stop clients or an individual component from repainting/updating?
I have a script that runs on the alarm status table when I click on the magnifying glass to view alarm details, that updates the display to show alarms that are subsequently clicked on (rather than continuing to display the first selected alarm). It works fine, but I basically have to close and retrigger the button again via script to do it (easier than trying to work out how to update the details myself).
The downside of this is that the panel closes and reopens which is fine for most circumstances. However it makes it difficult to compare the details of multiple alarms by flicking between them. So if I can freeze the repaint, update the details of the panel, and unfreeze the repaint, then it should repaint the final state when it’s already open.

Edit: I’ve tried using the method setIgnoreRepaint(1) and called it on the alarm status table as well as all components underneath it as well with no luck; it doesn’t appear to ignore anything :thinking: