Vision - half donut chart

Hi All

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a "half donut" style chart in Vision?

I can create a full donut by simply adding a circle to the middle of a pie chart.

For a half donut, one method might be to append a "50%" line to the dataset so that the real data is compressed to one side of the pie chart. I think that this would result in incorrect labels or mouse overs and would have some wasted screen real-estate.

Is this possible with jfreechart or another solution?


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All the jfree examples use a 50% method on a pie chart. Maybe something with a paintable canvas would be doable.


Give this a try: (9.7 KB)


Thanks @JordanCClark! I will give this a test later in the week.


@JordanCClark . Thanks so much for this. It works very well. I initially spent ages trying to work out why the centre ellipse was not showing, then realised that the background colour was set to transparent. Facepalm...

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