Vision hide window "close" button

Hello everyone, I have a problem.

I want to hide my vision client’s title “close” button and “zoom out” button

Can do it?

I try use Vision Client Launcher,but it without about the function.

In Vision Client Launcher if you select the project → Manage → Windows Mode you can choose to open the project as full screen.

I try it,but I still need my window can free drag.
If choose full screen, I will lost it.

or have other of ways to do it?

Ah ok, I’m sorry I can’t help about this

Nope, one or the other.

I was playing with this and I can’t understand why .setResizable works and .setDefaultCloseOperation doesn’t…

from javax.swing import SwingUtilities

root = SwingUtilities.getRoot(event.source)
root.setResizable(False)	#THIS WORKS
root.setDefaultCloseOperation(root.DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE)	#THIS DOESN'T WORK

I know that .setDefaultCloseOperation will not disable the close (X) button like .setResizable, but it should prevent closing the window… or not?


I don’t know about .setDefaultCloseOperation, but if you want to intercept the closure of the Application, you can use the Client Event Script Shutdown-Intercept
You can use event.cancel=1 to prevent the application from being closed.
This is useful if you want to make a popup to appear to confirm the application shutdown.
This won’t make the (X) button disappear, but maybe this can help you, I hope :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, thank you… :+1:
I know about shutdown-intercept…
It’s not about closing application… well, not in my case…
I just wanna know why


works and



What about just turning off the closeable property on the window in designer -



Edit: Oh I see this is for main windows.

Maybe my case can do this way.
thank you!!

Maybe I can try it,
but my boss will kill me. lol