Vision: Ignore Gateway Connection Loss?

I’m sure this question will bring many questions in response, but if we could ignore all rationality for a moment, is there any possible way to ignore a connection loss to the gateway from an ignition client. More specifically, not grey out the window and show the notification that the connection has been lost and allow the client to still operate (while catching any exceptions caused by coms loss).

Without a connection to the gateway what do you think can still “operate”?

This is for the most part a hypothetical question resulting from my tendency to really try and squeeze the most out of anything, and yes at times that includes finding ways to make things work in ways in which they were not intended to, mainly just for the fun of it and the knowledge that is generally gained along the way.

So to answer your question (again in a hypothetical and over-simplified sense), i suppose if you had an app that simply grabbed X data from X device via a script (instead of the remote OPC-UA) and displayed that information to the user.

Okay, but this would only work for purely client timer or event scripts, which would also mean every instance of the client running this screen or script would be polling whatever this device was.

I suppose this is some arbitrary scenario where you have a screen that truly doesn’t rely on any information from the gateway, but it’s not common.

I guess the application would be a system that was fairly simple but needed to be immune to gateway restarts or coms loss to gateway, still having the ability to pull in / push out data to/from the gateway when all is well, but thought out so that i can continue to operate (even if for a definite amount of time) with no connection the gateway.

So, Edge without buying Edge?

I suppose a crippled analog.