Vision: Importing v7.9 .proj components into v8.0.1

I’m trying to import some components from a 7.9 project into a new 8.0.1 project but the only option is to import zip files. When I try to import the proj, the select file dialogue just closes and nothing else happens; no designer console log, no gateway log, no imported components - nothing. I presume I should be able to do this? Is this something that’s fixed in 8.0.2 or later?

I’ve managed to get around this by using the sneaky shift+right click to export and then set the XML, but lucky I only have a few components to import!

I recommend taking that 7.9 project’s entire gateway backup and restoring it into a temporary v8 server, and exporting the project components from there.

I’ve been importing .proj components into v8.02 w/o any issues.

Can you send us the .proj file to test with? Sounds like it might be a bug.

Hi Kevin, I pm’d you, cheers. Ignore those other withdrawn posts…

It seems whatever caused this is already fixed in 8.0.3 nightly at the latest.

I would like to confirm that I can import .proj components into a version 8 gateway?
I just tried it on a v8.0.9 gateway and it would not show the dialog popup on the designer.


EDIT: Nevermind, I had to choose it from File->Import.
It seems I cannot choose a .proj file when right clicking on the windows object in the project browser and selecting import. Is this a bug or expected behaviour.