Vision - IP Camera Viewer - multi-channel camera

Hi Guys,

We have a few single channel ip cameras around our facility, some of which I have been able to use the Vision - IP Camera Viewer to embedd into some of my applications. To connect to these I use soemthing like http://{IP address}/image4res=half&x1=0&y1=0 for the components URL.

I am having trouble connecting to a 4 channel camera, anyone know how to call out the channel in the URL?

Got it, I guess for the single channel URLs it should be more like: http://{IP address}/imageres=half&x1=0&y1=0

To get each of the 4 channels comming through on 4 different components I used:
http://{IP address}/image1?res=half&x1=0&y1=0
http://{IP address}/image2?res=half&x1=0&y1=0
http://{IP address}/image3?res=half&x1=0&y1=0
http://{IP address}/image4?res=half&x1=0&y1=0