Vision Label text property binded to tag trying writing back unexpectedly

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone encountered this unexpected behavior before.


I currently have a SQL query tag that is a string (a 6 digit product number).
Execution mode: Fixed Rate
Execution Rate: 60,000
Rest of the tag properties: Default

Project com mode: read-only

I have binded this to the text value of a generic label in Vision.


When I toggle preview mode it throws an error:

Error writing to tag TAG PATH REMOVED

This is good that it is not writing because I did not want it too! I have done nothing to out of the ordinary to make it write to the tag. I’m a little concerned why it is doing that. The value of the tag does not change nor does the value of the label.

This happens with different tags too.

Please help I do not want to be accidentally writing to these tags.

Is the binding set to bi-directional? If so, uncheck it
Note: dragging on a tag into a Window to a property value will default bind it as bi-directional (this may have changed in v8 can’t remember)

Oh wow yes it is. I had no clue about that. Looks like thats is enabled for all the other tags that I binded to component properties in the project. (500+ :frowning: )

Strange that I am only experiencing the write back on Labels with string tags and on no other components.

Is there a way that I could change the default? I would NEVER want any binding to be bi-directional.

No way to default it, but you can find/replace the XML of the Window(s) to unset bi-directional.

Search for: <o-c m="setBidirectional" s="1;b"><true/></o-c> and set 1 to 0

So you don’t have any operator inputs?

Nice, I will have to try that XML tip, thanks!

No we dont have any operator inputs we are strictly data acquisition and analysis from machines.

Thanks for your help!!!

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