Vision Mobile Keyboard Isn't Working

Currently we can’t make the switch to Ignition 8 because we are in a production environment and we have yet to be able to re-create the vision projects in perspective. However I am having a lot of problems with the Vision Mobile client when it comes to the pop-up keyboard. At first the keyboard looks fine and i can type the data i want but as soon as I hit enter the screen freezes and the keyboard looks as shown below. Can anyone provide any insight on what can be done here?

Turn off touchscreen mode in the project properties, or in a client startup script. The mobile module opens its own keyboard on the front-end of the browser. The ‘touchscreen’ keyboard is designed for use on industrial touch panels, rather than capacitive touch devices.

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I have the same problem with the keyboard.
It worked fine for a short period and today a colleague told me he can’t utilize the the pop-up keyboard.
We are using Ignition Platform 7.8.5, the touchscreen mode is disabled in project properties and still doesn’t show correctly.
Only a platform upgrade will fix this?
Thank you.