Vision Module Client on Windows CE

I have a customer interested in using a portable barcode scanner for an error proofing application. The barcode scanning can occur anywhere in a 20 meter radius from the end of the production line. The operator needs to gain visual feedback that he is scanning the right barcodes so ideally we would like to utilise a barcode scanner running Windows CE like this device:

Is it possible to run a Vision Module Client on Windows CE for this application? I’ve been trying to find a barcode scanner that runs Windows XP Embedded because I understand that will work but I’m unable to find one.

I look forwards to your response.

No, it wont work. Any device that can run J2SE will work, but unfortunately, Windows CE cannot.

Are there any other options for my customer’s requirements?

Well, perhaps a more hybrid approach, where the barcode scanner sends the data back to the server via UDP (FactorySQL had a UDP receiving plugin, and a UDP driver is almost ready for Ignition), Ignition does what you want it to do and puts the results in the database, and then the scanners get their feedback through a different mechanism, like a web page.

I guess my point is that due to the central role of databases in our system, you can easily get to the data through other database-friendly means, like webpages. However, I realize this isn’t ideal, because it brings a different technology into play. But really, short of that, I’m not sure what other possibilities are out there for CE.


If it’s within your price range, an industrial/rugged tablet with a barcode reader could be an option … plenty of them run Windows XPe …

The DT Research WebDT 310 Rugged Tablet PC runs Windows XPe and has an optional 1D or 2D barcode scanner … the 10.4" touch display would be nice for interacting with an Ignition client as well …

… similar to the above, the Data Ltd DLI 8300 runs Windows XPe and has an optional barcode attachment as well …

… plenty of (expensive) options available.