Vision not repecting font size

Hi, We have made a project for a touch screen with an resolution of 1920x1080. The screens with including the footer and header are exectly made to fit this resolution. In the designer all fonts look good (font size 12). However on the touchscreen itself the text lables apear to use a larger font size).
windows scaling is set to 100%.

In another project for a normal pc (no touch screen mode enabled) everthing works fine.

How do i fix this?

Ensure that the fonts you designed with are present on those devices. Java substitutes when not an exact match.

( It is considered poor practice to design for pixel perfection in a multi-platform product. IMNSHO. )

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Right click on the label, and check the layout settings. Perhaps the scale font setting is the problem:

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Vision also offers several special touchscreen settings that can be accessed from the designer's project properties dropdown that could be useful for your usage case:

Here is the documentation:

This aprears to be the issue, Why ignition uses a default font in the designer that isnt standard installed on windows is beyond me. (Dialog font)

For this application, where its always the same screen, no. F*ck scaling.

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There's an option in the gateway settings to use a "Condensed" font that is a bit narrower than the default substitution for Dialog (which is Noto Sans, by the way, on all platforms, embedded in the JDK we bundle).