Vision PDF at the Gateway VM for clients

I am trying to store all manuals for clients at the gateway server, but the manuals shows only when you opening screen at the server, for all clients which are using own VMs - no pdf files are shown.

  1. Is I understanding correctly that path at PDF Viewer showing only files which are saved locally at VM which currently running client session?
  2. Is there a way to use gateway as PDF files storage to allow users (clients) to see manuals using PDF Viewer without storing all files for each client VM?


Put them in a database as blobs and pull them back out and load them into the PDFViewer.

How you put them into the database I'll leave up to you... but pulling them from the database would look something like:

#Get the root container for the window
rootContainer = event.source.rootContainer

#Get the popup that was passed to this popup. Should be a known popup in the PDF Help Table
popup = rootContainer.popup
logger.trace('Getting PDF for popup: {}'.format(popup))
pdfBytes = system.db.runNamedQuery('Help/Popup-PDF-Bytes',parameters={'popup':popup})
if pdfBytes:
	pdfViewer = rootContainer.getComponent('PDF Viewer')
	system.gui.errorBox('Error loading help PDF for popup {}'.format(popup), 'Error Loading PDF')