Vision Popup root transparency

I’ve created a Popup in Vision and I would like to make the background transparent.

I tried to change the root container background color and “A” value but without success.



Try checking the “Opaque” property, then apply alpha in your background color. I know, not very intuitive.


It doesn’t work, I selected a background color, checked the Opaque flag and then applied the alpha but as soon as I do that the Opaque property gets unchecked and, after saving, the background is still visible on the Client.


Now your solution works, I’m sure I did the same thing this morning…

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What do you mean by “apply alpha”?

In the “Wheel”, that is the “A” by itself that is set to zero (transparent). 255 would be fully opaque.

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I got it. Thank you!

The solution for me was actually a combination of @pturmel and @witman. I had to make both the window and the root container transparent. We have to use code to make the window transparent because the windows don’t have an “Opaque” property in the “Vision Property Editor”.