Vision Power Table columns


Could anybody please help with the easiest way to re-order the columns in a power table in the desired order, from left to right?
And I mean at startup and not by re-ordering them manually.


In designer, you should be able to hit preview and then drag the columns in the order you want.
When you are done stop the preview and uncheck the Columns Re-Orderable option. Note though... any changes and I think that the order resets.

Another option is to use the columnRearrange expression: columnRearrange - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation to programmatically set the columns in order from the originating dataset.

The easiest way, hands down, is to make your query return them in the desired order.

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Would you mind giving me an example of the query?

SELECT columnA, columnB, columnC
FROM someTable
WHERE someCondition
ORDER BY anotherColumn

The order in the SELECT section is the order you get in the dataset. Which becomes the default order in a Vision table.

If you have an asterisk wildcard in your query, get rid of it. Use explicit column names, or you are at the mercy of your database administrators.

much appreciated