Vision: Power Table - Get dataset with 'configure cell' text-overridden data


I have a power table that I want to use for a trend viewer to drag tags onto an EasyChart, however my tags use device equip IDs e.g. FIT001 instead of a descriptive name. I store a description in the UDT instance via a passed UDT parameter.

I’ve written a configureCells event handler to replace the default tag path with the device description + property name, but I now realise that this is a ‘render effect’ only if you will, and doesn’t modify the underlying dataset (makes sense).

I’ve looked through the API but can’t find anything obvious that I can use to return a dataset that includes my modified values.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers. Otherwise I can just repeat the same operations again, but obviously not ideal…

the powerTable has a viewDataset property to read the data as displayed.

I did find that and try it, but it still displays the raw data. I think by ‘view’ it means the dataset only includes visible columns and probably only the non-filtered rows.

you can perhaps populate the original dataset with the raw column and the descriptive one, and hide the column with the row data ?

My dataset is coming from an SQL query and I need to run a tag read and some other logic on each row, so unfortunately I can’t manipulate the query to do that (unless I create an SQL table to store all of the device descriptions, but that wouldn’t be practical). I think I might be stuck replicating the transform logic :confused: It’s already in a function that I can call, so it’s not a big deal, but it is less efficient than I was hoping

Ok I see.
Not sure that the viewDataset not being affected by the configureCells is the intentional behavior…
It’s perhaps a bug ?

Place the query on a custom property instead of the table’s data property. Then use scripting (or possibly my view() function from Simulation Aids) to generate the adjusted dataset for data whenever the query delivers its result.

did you solve it? I have the same problem.