Vision power table, inserting data from two text fields into a row on a table

How would I get the data out of the two text fields and populate them on another table as a two column row every time they hit the Enter cast info into table button? The operator selects the cast number and enters the number of logs associated with that cast number then hits the button to put it on the table to the right row by row.

If the data is to be permanently stored, write it to a DB, retrieve it from the DB and display it on the table.

If only temporary. append to the dataset of the table’s data.

If you go to the user manual for your version of Ignition, scripting functions, there are examples for both use cases.

Edit: I see you have asked this question already in another thread. FYI that is against the forum policy.

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The other thread was older and actually slightly different. I was unaware of how this works. I created another thread because that other one was technically finished.

Yup, the user manual doesn’t show what I am trying to do or else I wouldn’t be reaching out to a forum.

As you have not listed your Ignition version, I have linked to the current LTS version. If your version differs, you can change that by scrolling to the bottom left of the online manual.