Vision print statement

For vision projects where print statement is used, where can you see the print statements actually print out?

It is in the output console of the client diagnostics window:

Where would I run this? I tried opening up console and putting that and no luck. Where would I run this function and where would I see the client diagnostics window?

You don’t have to run that function unless you’ve hidden the Vision Client’s menu. You can open the diagnostics from the standard Vision Client’s “Help” menu.

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Do you want to see the results while running a client or are you in the designer? Are you using it in a component script, a tag event script, a shared script?

In the designer you can click Tools>Console and any print statement you are using on a component on a window will print out there.

To see that same output from a client, you will need to open the client diagnostics window.

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Trying to help out a co worker. He is running a live client. Would that just be from Help–>Diagnostics? And if you are in the designer you would use tools–>console? in the designer would you need the window open and “running” in order to see the print statements? Thanks

The designer has both the tools->console and help-diagnostics windows (same content).

The diagnostics console will collect print and logger output even when not yet opened.

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In the live client, you can also press CTRL+SHIFT+F7 and Diagnostics window will show…

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I never remember that shortcut. ):