Vision Property Editor

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I didn't see any existing forums for my problem. I'm sure it's something simple I'm just missing. When watching the videos in the Inductive University most of the videos for the Vision module are dated a few versions back, which is fine. However like in this video :Tag Historian Binding - Tag Bindings in Vision (For reference he's using version 7.7 I'm using version 8.1) he has all these different properties available for line thickness and such for the spline chart, I only have line color. The same can be said for the table, I really have no properties there at all.

Is there a reason for this? I would doubt you would lose options in a newer version. Though my property editor says vision property editor I assume this was just a rename in an update, but this could also be wrong and be my problem. I don't see a place to open a property editor different than the one I have open. Does anyone know how to find these parameters in 8.1?

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The property editor has a filter in its title bar for "Basic", "Advanced", and "All". Set that to "All".

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It's an icon that is right next to the icon that allows you to sort properties by property name


Perfect, thank you. I should've clicked around a bit more and I would've stumbled onto that.

I appreciate the answers!