Vision Rotation Bug in 1.1

I just confirmed this is still happening on Ignition 1.1 which I just downloaded.

I was making a template for a fan so I had a group of fan blades and that group was spinning through a binding on the “angle” property. If I resize the Vision template while the object is spinning it actually locks the pivot point in place so the fan blades rotate outside the bounds of the template. The object being rotated gets bigger too so it’s scaling the size of the objects on the template while you resize the bounds of the template.

This ONLY happens if the angle is changing through a binding while you’re resizing. If you disable rotation and resize your template everything works fine. I’m using a binding to a signal generator and a ramp from 0-359 to bind the angle. I’m using the enable state on the signal generator to start and stop the fan animation.

Try checking the “enable layout” on the template and make sure the object layouts are set to relative. Seems to work OK on 8.0.10 but still can break it.

I’m talking about resizing the bounds of the template when designing the template. You’re resizing an instance of the template. I didn’t try that but it appears to not have the same problem.

It’s a little hard to explain but the “Layout” option is ghosted in the template designer so it can’t be set it to relative there.

This is an obscure bug that probably won’t impact many people so it probably won’t be a high priority fix. I posted it so that if someone has this problem they might find the work around (stop the animation before resizing the template).

Ah, resizing the actual template. Goes out-of-whack here as well. I’m guessing due to the x, y, width, height values changing with the angle binding as well as with the resize you are performing

This is what the values are doing when it’s rotating, so math fail on resize leads to position fail?

Yeah, it’s something along those lines but it also appears to not scale the anchor point for the object while the bounds of the template are changing so the fan goes into orbit rather than spinning.