Vision Screen Delete Behaviour


Unfortunately delete happens for the screen in vision module happens accidently while you were working on the same screen and accidently press “Delete” key with out any prompt. I believe this not ideal to delete the open windows by an accidental “Delete” Key press with out any any prompt if this has to be there or else simply don’t delete the windows which are already open.
Encountered in Version 8.1.4 and not tested with other versions.


I’m working right now on Vision 8.1.9 and no matter what I want to delete (window, object, tag, …) every time there is a warning for that delete:

and as far as I can remember it has always been so (in v7 also) …

Hi, thanks and appreciate your response…
Sorry, Instead of mentioning about the vision templates, I wrongly mentioned as vision windows.
I was trying to make new vision template using an existing template .So while trying to deleting the unwanted components from (1920*980 size template),accidently deletes the templates itself 3 or 4 times due to my below actions;
After selecting the corner section components of the template screen and pressing the “delete”, template itself get selected along with selected components and prompt the delete confirmation prompt but swiftly ignores the messages assuming selected only the unwanted components resulting in deleting the working template itself.
So guess it will be desirable if there is a way to avoid the template accidental delete while working on the open template to avoid the loss of work unintentionally.


The issue really is that we get spammed with confirmation popups everywhere, even for things that can be easily undone. Personally I don’t want to have to verify every deletion while working on a screen. The undo feature in Ignition is flawed, however. If you make changes to something in a group, you cannot undo them. This needs to be fixed. The undo system needs to track everything properly.

As for deleting screens, you should not be able to accidentally delete a screen so easily. This means forcing the user through a specific path in order to delete a screen. I recently accidentally deleted a screen that took me a long time to develop. Fortunately I had not yet saved the edit to the gateway, so was able to grab the screen from the gateway. What happened was that somehow the screen tab in the designer got focus when I was trying to select something at the bottom of the screen. I do not know exactly how that happened, but when I hit delete, I thought I was deleting a component from the screen. Instead, the screen disappeared. Now, you can say “but it told you that you were deleting the screen!”. So what? This is where the confirmation spamming comes in to play. No one reads those popups ALL the time, especially when you do not know something did not go as planned, like accidentally clicking the screen tab. My point is, deleting a screen is a major thing, you should not be able to hit the delete button in any circumstance to delete the screen. You should have to go through a menu so that there is a clearly defined path to execute so that there is no confusion.