Vision Screen Double Window Glitch


I have a vision screen that glitches out every once in a while and will double-vision my fields, buttons, and windows. I looked over my script and all look fine. Other stations/HMI's dont have any issues. Has anyone ever encountered this? Is there a way to force a refresh of a window between transactions?

This could just be a hardware issue on this one device?

Did you find a solution to this? We just started experiencing this after the last software update. It is happening on several different work stations.

Same Here....Multiple screens and platforms (7.9 and 8.1) across different plants. It is the same thing. The "shadow" is to the lower right of the original. Yes it could be a hardware issue but the same thing happens on different pieces of hardware. Could be a JAVA issue??

It's much more likely to be a hardware issue, but it is possible it's a bug in native code in the JDK.

The most likely cause of strange rendering artifacts in Vision is a bad script running on the main thread and interrupting the painting process. However, that would corrupt any system running the same project equally, rather than affecting only a few machines.

Or a background thread directly accessing GUI objects. Effects of such might vary with local performance characteristics.