Vision screens not behaving consistently with touch screen "mouse clicks:

Hey Everyone,

Having some issues using vision with a touch screen. The one issue is a momentary button using the mouse clicked event that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and the other issue is with a regular old button component where it never seems to release (the button stays shaded).

Here's an excerpt from some of the code:

myNewList = system.dataset.toDataSet(header, data)							
system.tag.writeBlocking('[Edge]Barcode/Active Barcodes',myNewList)
event.source.parent.getComponent('txt_Barcode').text = " "
return 1

These lines appear at line 22 of the "Action Performed" event of the button. They are part of a function that's called down near the end of the script somewhere around line 185.

Now when using the mouse to click the button, the script executes perfectly every time. After it writes to the tag, it sets the textbox to " " and then returns.

When using the touch screen, the entire script runs up until the setting the textbox back to " ". The new tag is written and I can verify that but the textbox doesn't clear and the button appears like it's being held down.

I tried relocating the script to mouse > clicked, mouse > pressed, and mouse > released events but nothing changes.

Both buttons work just fine using the mouse itself so I'm thinking its something maybe in the touchscreen settings? We are using Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, running Ignition Edge, on an Advantech HMI.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Hello Itoscano,

If you add print statements after the 'txt_Barcode' gets set to an empty string, do you see these print statements get printed in your console when using touch screen mode? I would also suggest maybe opening a ticket with support so that we can try and replicate the issue for further analysis.