Vision Spinner Control Numeric Maximum will not update

Using Vision version 8.1.23

Trying to define a Spinner control. The PLC tag has a value of 105 in it, and I get the out of range overlay when the form runs.

Looked into it and the Numeric Maximum is set to 100.0.

The PLC tag is a DINT, and I don't really want to limit it. So, I set the Numeric Maximum to the maximum positive DINT value (2,147,483,647). The designer accepted it just fine. Saved it. Closed it. Published it. But had the same issue. Went into the designer again and the Numeric Maximum was 100.0 again.

Thought that maybe it was using the old 16 bit integer type for this value, so I changed it to 32,000. Saved it, closed it, and published it again. Same issue again - got the out of range overlay. Went back into the designer and found that the Numeric Maximum was again set back to 100.0.

I'm running out of hair to pull out of my head. :slightly_smiling_face:

If someone can point me in the correct direction, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

There's no magic. Either a binding or a script is writing to it.

Or a binding, indirectly; the style customizer. If a binding or the style customizer are involved, it should show up pretty clearly on the property table, though.

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Yes, it was a binding. I'll use the same excuse that a colleague of mine just used - my brain is starting the weekend a little early. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help, THANKS!

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