(Vision) Subview row table

Hello everyone! I have been using Ignition for a short time and I wonder if it is possible to create a table that has the “Subview row” property (like the table on Perspective).
I would like to get a table where clicking on a row opens a sub-line that displays information related to the clicked row.
Thank you all!

I’m using a second table to do something like this. The first table has the primary information about a batch. When they select a row it fill in another table below it with more detailed information. I’ve done this 2 different ways.

On one I used a custom property on the main table that did a lookup on the ID for the selected row. The second table used that ID to run a query to pull up the expanded data I wanted to display.

The second way is I had the first table hold all of the information but hid the rows I didn’t want in the main table. Then I used a property change script to create a dataset, when the selected row changed, then write it to the second table.

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It might be a good solution, but I’m not sur if the resulting effect (animation) is like the one in Perspective (example: click on the first row opens a sub-view between the first and the second row).

Unfortunately, this isn’t supported within jtables (the swing component used in vision).

@bpreston has the best option in using a second table. You could get fancy in animating the second table to fly out from the first, but the second table is your best bet. :slight_smile:

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Rats, hit submit too soon.

This really is a neat idea, though, so I’d also recommend submitting it on the ideas forum:

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I thought I could simulate a table with a template repeater and then implement the animation of the lines that move when you click … but it’s really hard!